This week in Rochester we celebrated kindness by spreading kindness!  James Rabe and I were even caught on video handing out coffee at Caribou in the Subway level.  It was so much fun bringing smiles to strangers.  :)  If you missed the video, you can find it here.

Every week on Y-105FM, we help a mom out with a question she has and this week, it was about how to get kids involved with RAK (Random Acts of Kindness).

"I love all of the random acts of kindness that is going on in Rochester BUT...I want to get my kids involved. Where can I go help others that my kids can go too? I see a lot of age restrictions out there but I want to show my kids that kindness and serving others is a big deal (or "legit" they would say). Any ideas of places or activities we can do as a family that can help continue this kindness ripple?" -Mom in Rochester that wants to keep the kindness going

We had a great discussion with this on our Facebook page and if you've got ideas...add them!  The more the better.  Just click here to see the list, like the page, and also add any family-friendly opportunities.

Here are a few of my favorite RAK ideas that are kid and family-friendly:

  • Bring joy at a nursing home!  Play instruments, hand out cards, play a game, or just go there to talk with those that live there.
  • Shovel out a driveway or sidewalk.
  • Help deliver Meals on Wheels
  • Collect food donations and fill up the Little Free Pantry-Rochester, MN
  • Make blessing bags and hand them out to the homeless in the area.

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