Brady Patterson. That's his name. Met him first at Thursdays on 1st and 3rd and then couldn't find Brady to give him his Y-105FM T-shirt. The family saw the post about him on Facebook and...boom, he came in to co-host for the morning.


Brady was phenomenal! He's in town from Evansville, Indiana, to get checked out at the Mayo Clinic (some GI issues and with tests, they're hoping to nail it down and fix him up real good). I met him at last week's Thursdays on 1st and 3rd. After his parents and I did some back and forth texting, we arranged a studio visit!

He came in with his mom, grandmother, and sister, and they were all quiet as church-mice until we needed them to shout FLORIDA! for the Rabe Shots, and they nailed it! In the podcast above, I took out all non-Brady stuff, so very much a greatest hits.

Pattersons, all of us in Rochester are so glad you crossed our paths. Know we're all rooting for you, Brady!

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