Last week, I shared an article I'd found about a study from the University of Michigan which found college freshmen are 40% less empathetic than 30 years ago. As a parent, it was a sock of 'mom guilt' to the gut. Am I raising our kids to be empathetic?!  


Luckily, the article also gave suggestions on how to do just that!  Making up a family mantra like 'our family helps people' was suggested and although it may sound weird, studies proved the kids remembered it when asked what their family mantra was. (Imagine how awesome your mantra would be set to the music of Beyonce` or Meghan Trainor!)

Anyway,  I started thinking about empathy and kindness and strengthening the 'habit of kindness.' I also thought about the negative feelings I'm experiencing during the election season, all the social media shaming, and voicing of outrage over this or that perceived issue, etc.... UGH!

And then Jacob Wetterling came back into our lives, so to speak. The tragedy of the taking of his life and the details of his death left us all with such terrible sadness. When the Jacob Wetterling Resource Center posted this list about how to honor Jacob, I was moved to do SOMETHING to honor his life. (BTW you should follow them on Facebook.)


Back to the CNN article: another suggestion was to put a list of nice things your kids can do each day on the fridge. I decided WE (you and me!) need to kick that negativity to the curb and practice kindness too!

Consider this blog our 'virtual fridge door' where we can share acts of kindness. Each week, we'll practice a different kindness tip. So, here's where you come in! Please share YOUR kindness tip and we'll all practice it daily for a week. The following week, we'll move on to the next tip.

To get us started: offer a compliment. Each day this week, offer (at least) one compliment to a friend, family member, co-worker or (if you're brave enough!) a total stranger.

Kindness. Let's make it happen and pass it on!