I'm not going to give this some sort of fancy buildup, no...because this is to important, OK? Kwik Trips in Minnesota are selling Ketchup Chips. I REPEAT! Kwik Trip is selling Ketchup Chips (some stores told me it is a limited time thing, others said a permeant addition to the stores...and they're not even listed on KT's website)!

It's a Christmas Miracle! Seriously, buy some for someone's stocking!

Their own store brand, Urge, is well known for their regular, sour cream and onion, Dorito-like chips, and super like Cheeto's cheese curls. But step back and salute the KT food folks, because they've done something no other major chip company has done.

Urge Ketchup Chips At Kwik Trip?

Yes. There was a time you had to search the world (or at least eBay) for Ketchup Chips, buying them from some Ketchup Chip hoarder above the USA's northern border. $15 a bag? If you want to bite the chip, you gotta pay the cash, USA!

Well, no more. I was looking at the chips at 2nd Street SW Kwik Trip in Rochester, MN and and lo + behold, there's the chips a certain segment of the population may very well sell their phones to possess the ketchup chip.


How Do They Taste

I'm not a Ketchup Chip fan, so I'm not the best one to taste test this. If you would like to, send me your review, would love to share it. I found this guy on the YouTubes and he thinks they're awesome, like dipping a French fry in ketchup.

Again, I would love to get a local review, and if you want to review them, just click here:  james.rabe@townsquaremedia.com  At least 150 words, OK...I want art, darnit! ART! I want to taste those chips in your words, feel the crunch with your thoughts, feel the salt and vinegar burning a little cut on my lip with your prose!

As always, if you have a comment, complaint, or concern about something I wrote here, please let me know: james.rabe@townsquaremedia.com


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