Hallelujah! I wrote about the lawsuit last week. I was fighting tears (a tad dramatic, but seriously) as I typed the words, "why you should stop drinking LaCroix." I LOVE LaCroix. I kind of took it with a grain of salt, thinking is anything really "all-natural" anymore anyway? That was the reasoning for the lawsuit if you missed it. The company was under attack for allegedly mislabeling their products, suggesting that one of the ingredients is used in insecticides. LaCroix has something to say about that!

In a five-page Instagram post, they explained that all their ingredients are in fact, natural ingredients. They even explain what each ingredient is. They start by saying:

We have heard the comments and want to address the misleading reports. ONLY natural ingredients are included in LaCroix sparkling water.

More importantly each of the ingredients is consumed often in the daily diet in the form of fresh fruits and spices as well as in dietary supplements and prepared foods and beverages.

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