My kids have been counting down the last days of school since I knew that this day was coming.  The end-of-the-year concerts have been listened to and the final field trips are over.  Yep - the school year will be done and even with all of the advance warnings, I am in a rush to get last minute gifts for all of the teachers.

I needed some ideas so I asked my friends on Facebook - including teachers - and found the most popular gift ideas (and a BIG no-no!).

Last Minute End-Of-The-Year Teacher Gift Ideas

  • One teacher shared "One million dollars"...and it sounds great and teachers do deserve a raise but that one I just can't pull off, especially for 16 teachers on my list.
  • Several teachers suggested a handmade drawing/thank you from the student.  I even saw a Facebook post earlier today where a teacher said they started crying as they were reading all of the precious notes for their students.
  • The number one gift idea is a gift card.  Where?  Here are the places that were suggested:  coffee shop, a local restaurant, salon for massage/manicure/pedicure, Target, Barnes & Noble, or a favorite ice cream spot.
  • Post-its, Sharpies, or other school-related items can also be helpful to teachers and will help stock their supplies for next year.
  • Wine was also a suggestion...but not sure my kids can bring alcohol to school.  ;)

What NOT To Get:

  • Mugs
  • Candles

What did you buy for a teacher this year?  Share your gift idea in the comment or send me a note on my Facebook page or Instagram.

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