Nalu Float in Rochester, Minnesota Giving Teachers, Mentors, and Youth Counselors a free float.

We are less than a month before school starts and I know the nerves are already starting for kids and parents.  I also know teachers that have been working hard in their classrooms already to get things ready for the new year...however that ends up looking.  Well, one Rochester, Minnesota business, Nalu Float, has stepped up for our teachers, mentors, and youth counselors and wants to give them a gift to enjoy before the busyness of the new school year starts. 

Photo by Haley Phelps on Unsplash
Photo by Haley Phelps on Unsplash

Are you a Teacher, Mentor, or a Youth Counselor getting ready for the new year? Nalu Float wants to give you one free floating experience the week before school starts! Head over to and secure your appointment!! Just show your school ID at your appointment and write "teacher" in the apointment notes. - Nalu Float Facebook Page

You can find their contact info and how to schedule an appointment over on the Nalu Float Facebook page.

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I know a bunch of teachers and amazing individuals that work with kids and I just gotta say...I LOVE this gift of thanks.  You deserve it!

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Teacher, para, and staff shoutout time!

Who do you want to say "thanks" to?  One of the most amazing things about my job is that I can put YOU on the radio or share your comments to whoever you'd like.  I would LOVE to give a shoutout to someone you want to say "thanks" to.  To make that happen, send me a message to my Facebook page - Jessica On The Radio - with the person's name, an e-mail address for the person, where they work, and why you want to thank them.  I'll send you a note back and send that person an e-mail and let them know they've got a shoutout coming on the radio.

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