This guy is awesome!

He's no Ken Jennings, but that's a good thing in my book because Jennings always came off so smug and annoying. This guy is just out there having fun! And better yet, he's one of 'us'. Well, sort of...

38-year-old Austin Rogers, who's won nine days in a row now, and earned more than $332,000 has a neat connection to Minnesota!

According to GO MN News, back in 2000 he attended Macalester College in St. Paul. Hey, we'll take anything we can get these days...

While Jeopardy! airs during my own every afternoon, I've already heard and read online on how Austin's slowly becoming an internet star for being his genuine and wacky-self.

He even has his own trending hashtag on Twitter #austinonjeopardy.

For those of you like me who can't watch at home in real time, you can follow his streak on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

While he might never reach Jenning's streak of 74 wins on the show, I've got my fingers crossed he sticks around as long as possible!

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