Have you seen those adorable signs with the fancy lettering?  I learned how to do those AND another class is coming soon for you!

I surprised my daughter a few Saturdays ago with a fun little date day.  She loves the beautiful photos on Pinterest that show quotes and beautiful words written out in a fancy way.  I wanted to try too so I found a class in Rochester that was teaching how to create those masterpieces and signed us up.

Coffee by my side, I was ready to learn something new and have a fun date with my mini-me at Color Me Mine.  They were the hosts and had a great teacher that showed up step-by-step how to start creating beautiful handwriting and quotes.

It was a blast!  I'm not a pro in any way but I did it...and with practice, I will get better and might even make something that will eventually go on one of my walls.

Want to learn how to create beautiful handwriting?  Check out the video below (or here) to learn more.

Want to sign up for the next class on February 16th?  Here's the link with all the info:  Hand Lettering Class at Color Me Mine

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