"Hi. We're the D'Sievers! Wanna join us for tea and biscuits?" That note was one of the most clever ways I've ever seen any band or artist promote an upcoming show. Why? Because it was attached to legos.

There weren't only tea and biscuits at this shindig. It was technically a concert in which famed Rochester jazzman John Sievers got to showcase his love for the Beatles. His wife Beth got to share new art! It happened last night at Canvas & Chardonnay.

If you're thinking that this doesn't sound like a "typical" concert, that's because it wasn't. It's a chill new series called Art Heads Live. It happens at Canvas & Chardonnay downtown on Tuesdays. This is where local painters, photographers, and musicians can share what they're excited about, and I've got a feeling it's doing to takeoff.

One of the organizers, Rosei Skipper, explained, "Basically they are a continuation of the Collider (Coworking) tiny shows, but in a bigger space, and with added pop-up art shows! We saw a gap in the local venues and we decided to fill it." I loved the concept!

As if I couldn't love her description of the series more, she then hit me with this: "We want to normalize going out and seeing live music and art in Rochester, all of the time! [...] we've gotten great feedback from bands as well; that they want to play in these more intimate spaces where people are there to hear music." My personal opinion is that intimate shows are a better fit for Rochester right now anyway.

Art Heads Live will feature a variety of music genres as it continues. A huge lineup of amazing musicians has been booked through December already! Bonus: these shows are very affordable and held in a family-friendly atmosphere.

Pick a concert you'd like to see here. More dates/artists will be announced soon.

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