Boomerang, the awesome looping video app, is my favorite way to waste time right now, and I want to see yours!

So, it loops, big deal, right? Well, it is! you can do all sorts of cool stuff if you know how to use it.

BOOMERANG TIP: It plays forward, then plays backward, then plays forward. So, recording only one way. Don't drink a Pepsi, then put it down. Just up to your lips and stop. That way it looks just right. Once you get the hang of it you'll rock it.

I don't use the separate app, I  do it thru The NEW Y-105FM's Instagram. Here's what I did yesterday while waiting for Noodles and Co. to get my order ready.

See? Easy, silly, and fun. Join us, follow us, and see alll the stuffs.

Here's some of our latest...

You know what time it is? (James) #Ice creamTime #TotalEclipseOfTheVacation.

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When you have a giant bag of Caroll's Corn, you have to set up security cameras in the studio!

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And the pupppppy!

Puppy!!!!!!!! #Puppy

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