Sunday morning breakfast at Frank's (also known as Frank N' Steins, but everyone seems to call it Franks, so...Franks it is.). Aaron, his wife Jen, their daughter Leila, and her friend Abby were in the house. And you know what happened? That video happened. Click and learn how to butter pancakes from a master!

Sure she's 11, but never judge a teacher by their age alone. If ever I need to butter ANYTHING at a restaurant again, that is how I'm going to do it. 


This one I learned from Erica Littlefield, a youth librarian at the Twin Falls Public Library (an amazing library, seriously...rivals most big city libraries). I was at a wedding, and she showed me how to avoid messing up my suit by eating a cupcake properly. Thanks, Erica!

And this one is something I've always done. In fact, I never thought of it as a life hack until a few months ago.

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