Tracy McCray, on the air, said she likes to freak out her kids with The Knee Baby. I was all, "What the blank is a knee baby?" Do you know what it is?

Of course you don't, because only Tracy McCray and her family would know about such a super weird and freaky thing.

That's not to say it isn't awesome as all get out. It is. And it will freak out your kids. Try it, take video, sent it to us. We'll post it and everyone will benefit from your experience.

I'd like to know where the idea of making a Knee Baby came from. Was Sweet Sally sitting in her cabin, playing with paw's broken shoe horn when she thought, "There must

063 Man with injured knee, both palm holding knee
NOT a knee baby, by Juriah Mosin

be more I can do for fun on the prairie. Other girls have dolls and toys and maw says toys just give you the fever and ague...but I want a pretend baby. Shucks, life here on the prairie sucks dustballs."

So it was no fun for Sweet Sally on the prairie...until one day she was trying to lick her knee (seriously, there was NOTHING to do in this home), when, by mistake, she noticed it looked kinda like a baby's head.

After some experimentation, she finally fell upon the method Tracy McCray uses. She had a pretend baby, and it looked so odd, her parents didn't bother her (and she didn't get the fever and ague!).

Then end. 100% true story.

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