I've never had much luck with goldfish.  Sadly, they never seemed to last more than a few days before moving from one bowl to another (ahem..).

From the NY Post, last week, a couple in Melbourne, Australia noticed their pet goldfish George was having trouble breathing.  And their other fish were picking on him.

Now, George is ten years old.  Many might have considered sending George to "flushville", but instead, they took him to the VET.  He saw that George had a massive tumor on one of his gills about the size of a grape.  For a three-ounce goldfish, that's pretty big.  And he told George's owners that it would be risky,

(Getty Images)

but for $200, he could try to perform a potentially life-saving operation and remove the tumor.  And they went for it.

The vet laid George out on a table, fed him water through a tube that was spiked with an anesthetic to knock him out, and started cutting.  And we're happy to report that the 45-minute surgery was a complete success.

George is now back home in his tank recovering.