Daylight savings time has ended and with it comes the 'early' sunsets.  I always get a kick out of people agonizing about how it gets dark so early.  "It's just so dark!  Isn't it just terrible how it gets dark so early now!?"

Some might say I'm a pill that likes to antagonize the situation, but I say... well, they would be right!  For some reason I like the 'early darkness.'  At this time of year I feel like hibernating anyway, so it all just kind of works for me.

But what doesn't work for me is my fellow drivers who won't turn on their headlights during the drive home from work.  The sun is setting at 4:49 tonight, my friends.  That means at 6:15 pm, you may not need your headlights to see where you are driving, but I need them on for me.

So please, for me, turn on your headlights.  When you get home, remembering to turn them off is on you.