One of the best Christmas events in Southeast Minnesota just confirmed that they will not be opening for the 2022 season.

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Unexpected Closing Announced for Popular Event in Southeast Minnesota

I've been trying to plan a few fun things for our family when all of my kids are going to be home and one of our favorite things to do is drive through the light display at Lights at Bluff Valley.  I know we don't have snow yet (which I am fine with!) but I wondered if they had their opening date listed yet.  I was browsing through a bunch of websites and Facebook pages and was shocked when I saw "Closed Permanently" posted.


Lights at Bluff Valley in Southeast Minnesota "Closed Permanently"

"Permanently Closed" was added to the Facebook page for Lights at Bluff Valley in Zumbro Falls, Minnesota last Friday and when I saw this, I immediately reached out to see if this was true.  Adam Waters at Bluff Valley sent me a note this morning that said, "We are sorry but no we are not doing the light show this year.".

A grandmother and her granddaughter decorate a gingerbread house at Christmas.

What is one tradition that you have during the holiday season?

I was at TJ Maxx the other night shopping with my boys and the cashier who helped us was phenomenal.  So kind, so caring, and as she was helping us, she asked me the most sincere question, "What is a tradition that you have during the holidays?".  I honestly had to stop and think for a moment and try not to tear up because last year was a tough one.  My dad passed away just before Christmas and so everything was different.  But it got me thinking about how we can incorporate all of the family members into our tradition, the ones that are still with us and the ones that have sadly passed away.  If you've got ideas or would love to share your traditions with me, I'd love to hear those!  Send me a message over on my Facebook page - Jessica On The Radio.

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