Sometimes I screw up, and I know it, and I own it. But other times, I'm not so sure I really screwed up. What do you think?

I listen to your show every morning. For the first time ever I turned it off on Thursday morning. I'm 37 years old and work 40 hours a week. The highlight of my day is to hear your Rabe Shots. It puts me in a good mood. On Wednesday I was so tired of hearing about the school shooting in Florida. I went to bed in tears and woke up the same way after watching the news. Please keep your show light and silly. You need to know how you set the mood for a lot of people for the rest of the day. PS - D was right today, don't make your lover watch movies they hate. LOVE YOU!

When the next school shooting...or any mass shooting, do you want me to keep with it all morning, doing updates, talking with you on the air and on social media? Or would you rather hear about it in the news, and then just hear the usual silliness?

I totally get wanting to have a place where you can just have fun and forget the horrible stuff for a while.

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