This may be the cutest Christmas Video you'll see all season. A little girl is SO honest with Santa it'll make you smile from ear to ear.

I don't have a lot of meeting Santa Clause memories because my home-town Santa kinda smelled a LOT like cigarettes. A lot. But his nickname was Butsy, so...not a surprise. Seriously, that was his nickname.

Here in Rochester, tho, there's one Santa we all know and love as the REAL Santa. For years he was at the Apache Mall, and even after he was fired, people loved him so much, he comes back to Rochester every year.

Save Santa in Rochester MN via Facebook
Save Santa in Rochester MN via Facebook

Just last Friday the Rochester Fire Department had to rescue him from the top of Old City Hall (his reindeer love landing one knows why, really), and then he lit the tree in the Peace Plaza.

Last year we gave some lucky kids the opportunity to have all the time they wanted with Santa and it was magical. Just like the Santa in the video above, the REAL Santa is a safe place for kids.

Some kids wanted so badly to be with Santa, but for whatever reason, couldn't get up in his lap, or even stand next to him. So he'd get on the ground with them, and just be patient until the kids were comfortable.

It's a lesson for all of us, yeah? Check out the pics from last year.

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