It's the 24th day of spring. Winter businesses have been closed a while. At least since the end of March. Why? Well, because it's the 24th day of Spring! But this business? This one's shaking hands and giving in to Mother Nature!


I think the amazing thing about this opening is that it may be the first time in their history they've closed and re-opened! By now you've guessed it's a ski hill, right? So who's said, "FINE!" to Mother Nature and her merry band of snow beast?

Welch VillageAccording to WV, they'll be open Saturday only, from 10 AM - to 4 PM.  Wouldn't it be cool to get out there, even if only so you could say, "HEY! I skied April 21st!"? After this winter, I didn't think much could surprise me, but I'll admit, this one got me.

Also according to Welch...

All 17/18 & 18/19 W.V. season passes accepted including night passes; $25 lift tickets (all-day/all-ages)

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