Yesterday was a long day at work.  It was 4:00 pm and I realized that I had so many meetings and things on my to-do list that lunch just escaped me.  I was hungry but now had kids to pick up from their afterschool activities.  This was also one of the many days where I didn't put something in the crock-pot so it was easily ready when I got home from a busy day.  Sigh.  At that moment I remembered that I could order food from so many restaurants and Doordash would deliver to my house.

I started searching for some good grub that could be made and then delivered to my house just in time for me to show up after running and doing all the work and #momlife things.  As I was on the hunt for food, I saw that one of my favorite eating joints, Grand Rounds Brewing Company & Restaurant, was no longer using Doordash.  Bummer! - but their reason was a pretty good one.

Unfortunately, Grand Rounds will not be fulfilling orders from Doordash until further notice 🙁We are unable to assure guests the time or quality that food delivered by Doordash will arrive. - Grand Rounds Brewing Company & Restaurant Facebook Page

Have you had an issue with food delivered with Doordash?  Maybe there is a better option?  I know I'll have another busy day in my future where ordering food will need to happen.  I do want quality food though so I'm glad that Grand Rounds is taking the steps to ensure that their customers are getting what they pay for.

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