Branch Out Day Spa, a relatively new spa in Rochester is moving to the DoubleTree Skyway, right across from Steam.

The owner, Michele Branch, opened Branch Out  Day Spa two years ago in Northwest Rochester, near the new VFW. And to me, the most interesting thing about moving tot he Skyway location is a post on the spa's Facebook page, sharing the business's Amazon Wish List.

What's on the list? Everything from a towel warmer cabinet to a Selfie Ring Light with Tripod Stand and Phone Holder.


I reached out to Michele to find out what inspired the wish-list,

The idea for the Amazon wish list actually came from some of my lady friends at church. They wanted to help out so for them this is a way to support my big dream from 2 years ago.

She says it seems to be working and their current location will stay open until the new space opens in the beginning of March. 

How common is crowd-sourcing costs via wish lists? I can't find any hard data, but it's enough people that Amazon actually has a business set up just to connect Influencers and businesses.


90% of businesses in the US (source)  use social media to grow. Sometimes with ads, other times with very direct requests such as, "Hey, we're not doing well, please spread the word, come eat at our restaurant!"

That last one happened right here in Rochester, see our story on it HERE.

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