It began with an IBM buy out in 1989, and now, a local pet store is ready for retirement.

Thanks to a Tweet from Jeff Kiger at the PB, I found out some sad news. The owners want to retire, so Fish and Pets plan to close the store February 28th, but I really hope someone comes in and buys Fish and Pets before then (they'll still listen to a last minute offer). If they end up closing for good, it'll be a real loss for this town.

A locally owned pet store is a rare thing, and with so many big chains coming into town, it couldn't have been easy. Kudos to the Greg and Deb Goodnow for making it work so well for so long. I believe because it's LOCAL and people like dealing with neighbors.

If I remember correctly, there were several businesses opened after IBM decided experience was too expensive, so they bought out a bunch of employees. A few started a tech company, one opened One Potato Two in the mall, and Deb and Greg opened Fish and Pets in was the Northbrook Shopping Center (now it's River Center).

Remember the jingle? "You'll be wild about Fish n' pets..."

I  used to be a fish guy, had an 880-gallon tank, and loved every second of it.

Adobe Illustrator(R) 8.0
Adobe Illustrator(R) 8.0

And, honestly, loved shopping for new fish, because Greg and Deb Goodnow are great people. I got the best advice, and, when I took it, things worked out well. Especially when I discovered by tank leaking (and in need of major repair) just 36 hours before I had to go to California!

In less than a couple hours I got the tank empty, sealed, and then, the fishes had to chill out in a condo (cooler) while the tank dried. I got it all put back together 2 hours before I had to fly out.

That turned out well, and I'm sure the future will for Deb and Greg, too. That's just how they roll. Or swim, I guess.


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