What Costco items will you NOT see in 2022? Thanks to Eat This, Not That, and many many sharp-eyed shoppers, I can pass on the list.

How Do You Know These Items Are Gone from Costco?

Blank Price Tag isolated on white background. 3D render
This is NOT a Costco price tag. This is NOT how they look. Nerthuz

Well, technically, they may not be gone gone. They may still be on the shelves, but they won't be restocked. According to ETNT, when you see The Death Star and/or 97, you know the end is near.

  • Costco Fun Fact: The story goes that when Costco is discontinuing something, you find either an asterisk (*) on the price tag or the price ends in .97.

"Since January, superfans on Instagram and thousands of users on Reddit have found the infamous "death star" on many of our favorite foods. The asterisk, as well as a price ending in .97, are Costco's clever ways of signaling an item is leaving the premises."

23 Items You Won't See On Costco Shelves In 2022

You may have seen some of these go away during 2021, or maybe the Rochester Warehouse isn't out of it yet...but as of the end of 2021, these items were goners!

All info from EatThisNotThat.com
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How do you feel about the items that are gone? Will you miss them?

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