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If you've been on the hunt for some gluten-free restaurant and bakery options in Rochester, Minnesota, you are in luck.  I've been eating my way through restaurant menus and searching online to find some of the best places to grab a *gluten-free bite to eat.


8 Restaurants and Bakeries in Rochester With Gluten-Free Options

2020 was a year I think we'd all like to forget.  Most us, the reason is because of COVID.  For me though, my body decided to throw a major temper tantrum just before Thanksgiving.  My tongue started to swell up and my face had red dots all over it.  Yep.  A few other symptoms were coming and going and after a chat with a doctor, we realized that these all pointed to some food sensitivities, intolerances, or allergies.

It was almost one of the biggest eating days of the year - Thanksgiving - and I had to go on the elimination diet.  Let me tell ya, when you love Thanksgiving and all the foods that go with it, I was not a happy camper...but I also like breathing.  Breathing is kind of a big deal.

I had a day where I had a funeral for all the food that I loved and then cut gluten and soy out completely.  Everything that I once ate was gone and I was now on the hunt to find safe, gluten-free options in Rochester.  I love supporting local but I honestly was a little scared to try.  I asked around and a bunch of my friends that are gluten-free shared their favorite spots that they enjoy.

8 Places in Rochester Serving Gluten Free Menu Options

If you are looking for gluten-free food but want to eat at a restaurant, check out these 8 places in Rochester that people recommend.

*All of these places don't have dedicated spaces so cross-contamination could happen and is dangerous if you have celiac disease. Give the restaurant or bakery a call if you have questions.

What Gluten-Free Options Do You Love In And Around Rochester?

I know a lot of people that are gluten-free, and I'm sure there are more places that have gluten-free options.  Let me know your favorites by sending me a message on my Facebook page (Jessica On The Radio) or DM me on Instagram.  Who knows, I may just stop by and grab a bite!

Please Be Kind To Those With Allergies

I have had quite a few people who think I'm lying when I talk about allergies.  Throughout this whole discovery, which is a horribly long process btw, I ultimately found out that I am allergic to soy.  Although I did cut out gluten for a year, I learned that it wasn't the reason for all of my symptoms.  My body functions better without it so I will still take gluten-free when it is available, but I will be ok if I do have it.

I have been asked a lot what happens when I eat soy and although I try to avoid it as much as possible and check lots and lots of labels, sometimes, soy is hiding in something.  And soy is everywhere - just look at the labels in your kitchen and you will find a lot of it.

I had a reaction one day while I was at work and decided to just go ahead and show the world what my soy allergy looks like with TikTok.  What you see isn't super gross.  However, it is extremely painful for me.  My reaction usually happens on my tongue.  I also have a spot on my chest where I break out in a rash...but I'm not showing you that.  ;)



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