I was browsing Hobby Lobby in RochesterMinnesota because I'm thinking I may want to buy a Cricut.  (That whole world is above my head still and is SOOO expensive!). Well, as I was walking around the store, I was not mentally prepared for what I ran into.  CHRISTMAS!  I was shocked to see wreaths and aisles set up for Christmas trees in August!


WARNING: Christmas has arrived already at Hobby Lobby in Rochester, Minnesota

We've got 80+ degree days happening right now in Minnesota but while we are hanging out at the pools, employees at Hobby Lobby have been busy setting up for a holiday that is over 5 months away.  Yes, Christmas.  If you go to Hobby Lobby and venture over to the left side of the store, you WILL see Christmas.  I'm just warning you because if you aren't ready, just close your eyes while you walk past that area.

Christmas has arrived in Rochester...and it is the middle of the summer!

Is this normal? It is mid-summer but Christmas items have already been spotted on shelves in Rochester, Minnesota. I was walking around Hobby Lobby the other day and was walking around trying to find the best clearance items and accidentally ran into aisles full of Christmas decor.

Are there other stores in Rochester, Minnesota that also have Christmas items out?

Christmas in the middle of summer seems a bit early to me but maybe this is our new normal.  Maybe I'm just out of the loop on a lot of shopping since the miracle workers at Walmart and HyVee do all of my shopping for me and just put my bags in my car.

Have you seen Christmas show up in other stores already?  If so, let me know and send me a note over on my Facebook page - Jessica On The Radio - or on Instagram.

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