How's that back-to-school shopping going?  Well, hopefully, you are all done because Halloween has officially arrived in Southeast Minnesota.  Yes, one of the Halloween stores is now open in Rochester (Psst...there is a secret way to score a free $500 below too!)


Halloween Store Has Officially Opened for the Season in Rochester, Minnesota

If you are a Halloween enthusiast or you just want to be proactive and get costumes for the big holiday while they are still available, you are in luck.  One of the Halloween stores that Rochester has enjoyed for many years is back and is already open in the Miracle Mile Shopping Center.

Halloween Express NOW OPEN Saturdays 12pm - 5pm
Located at Miracle Mile Shopping Center - Halloween Express Rochester MN Facebook Page


Where is Halloween Express Located in Rochester, Minnesota?

If you are ready to start shopping for masks, wigs, costumes, and all of the fun decorations for the Halloween season, you can find Halloween Express at 20 17th Ave SW in Rochester.  You can get directions to Halloween Express here.

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