The Y-105 Love Stories were amazing...epic, in some cases, so thru Monday we're going to be feature some of our favorites.

I want to start with Mary Coleman's story because I am a sucker for love stories about parents and grandparents. They always make me tear up. Always. And this one is no exception...

This love story is a heartfelt remembrance of my mom and dad. They endured many obstacles throughout their married life of 59 years; 6 kids, small house, one car, one income but the house was always filled with love. The smell of baked bread, garden tomatoes and family vacations at the lake were all special.

When my mom got diagnosed with leukemia and had not long to live, my dad said he could not live without her. When I stayed at their home caring for them as sickness progressed I heard them talking late one night. They said so many loving things about each other, they cried together and laughed together. They said that they would meet up again in heaven.

My dad passed with my mom by his side just a week later and mom passed 5 weeks after that. I will never forget the night I heard them talking about their love for each other and the family they had raised. True love never dies, no matter what.