The Y-105 Love Stories were amazing. Epic, in some cases, so through Monday we're going to be featuring some of our favorites.

Today's love story is from Jessica Canalin Taiatini... love when worlds collide.

Once upon a time there was a boy from the TeArawa tribe of Aotearoa. He met an American girl at the International Airport in Hawaii. They found themselves stuck at the airport, their different worlds effortlessly colliding.

It was love at first flight. They traveled to the ends of the globe visiting one another. It was a friendship set on fire. The two were wed on 11/11/15 in the Cook Islands. Barefoot under the island sun, they stood draped in flowers. Though miles away but close in heart, family joined in the moment of celebration from all over the world. Surrounded by that love, they lived happily ever after.

This is Our Story of international love and long-distance marriage. Until we can be together again, love knows no distance.