The Y-105 Love Stories were amazing. Epic, in some cases, so through Monday we're going to be featuring some of our favorites.  Today's love story is from Barb Schroedre and it is proof that young love can be forever love. And, considering where they spent their wedding night, winning the contest would have been the perfect full circle.

The old church bus, carrying high school students, rambled down the highway to Niagara Cave in September 1973. A dark haired 15 year old girl sat in the back with friends, giggling/checking out the older boys. Three jocks followed in an old beat up Ford.

The girl, peering out the back window, asked her friend about them (they had missed the bus!). Something about the driver of that old Ford…instant connection!

The young girl was me; the driver of the car my husband of 38 years. Dated four years, engaged on Valentine’s Day, married in July, spent our wedding night at the Kahler Hotel. That connection? Still strong as ever!