People always think it's funny  I put together the blog about the annual rabies clinic. Because my last name is Rabe. Pronounced Ray-Bee. So, yeah, as a kid, teased a LOT about it. Mostly that I had rabies. Tho, one kid was an early dough-head OR must have misunderstood my name because he once asked me if my last name was Rabe. He asked in front of the whole class at recess. I said, "Yep." He said, "Do you have any gravy?" Wait...what?

Anyway, for 60 years now, Olmsted County Veterinarians and Olmsted County Public Health Service have sponsored a vaccination clinic for dogs, cats, and ferrets. This year, its June 6th at the places below. It'll cost you $20 each. Please, bring your animals in a pet carrier or on a leash, and remember their previous rabies certificate.

Here's the schedule, just click on the pick to make it bigger.

Rabies Vaccine Plan 2018

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