GOBankingRates did a survey to find out what would be the first thing Americans would do if they won $10,000 in the lottery. Would you invest it, go on a crazy shopping spree, or maybe pay off all of your debt?

The majority of people surveyed (38%) said they would put it in savings, a quarter of the people said they would use the money to pay down their mortgage or fix up their house, 17% said they'd invest the money, and all of the other people said they would splurge on vacations or new clothes. What would you do? One person who bought a ticket in Rochester is going to have to decide after getting lucky and winning $26,000.

Maybe it's you? The Minnesota Lottery says a winning lottery ticket was sold here in Rochester on Tuesday, July 6th. The lucky ticket was sold at the Kwik Trip convenience store located at 3490 55th Street NW in Rochester.

MN Lottery FB
MN Lottery FB


A winner hasn't been announced so if you bought a ticket at that gas station, you should definitely check your numbers. You can see those numbers below. The winning "Northstar Cash" ticket is worth $26,000!

Check your tickets! The winning numbers were: 3,15,19, 22, 24


Minnesota Lottery Officials say Northstar Cash offers the best odds of all their jackpot games and this isn't the first time a Rochester resident has won money on that game.


Brian from Rochester won $27,000 in August of 2020.

MN Lottery
MN Lottery

The Minnesota Lottery says a portion of every dollar played on lottery games "supports General Fund programs like education, public safety, and health & human services."

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