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A southeast Minnesota high school graduate just got the highest possible score on the ACT test. The student is Thomas York, who graduated this year from Lourdes High School in Rochester, Minnesota. Getting a perfect score on the ACT is really impressive! I don't think, no matter how much I studied, that I'd be able to get a perfect score, so a big congrats to Thomas.

This wasn't the first time that Thomas took the ACT though. The first time he took the test he scored a 34, which is still impressive, but as the Post Bulletin writes, he "knew he could do better." So he took the test again and ended up getting a perfect score.

What's the Average ACT Score in Minnesota?

While just thinking about a student getting a perfect score on the ACT is amazing enough, let's look at some stats to prove just how incredible this is. The Post Bulletin writes that according to a news release from the ACT testing organization, "fewer than 6,000 students out of the 1.67 million who took the test in 2020 received a perfect score." That's less than 0.36%!

Also according to the ACT testing organization, the average score in Minnesota for 2020 was 21.3, and the average across the country for 2020 was 20.6. The average score for those who get into colleges like Harvard and Princeton is 34. So yeah, Thomas is really smart!

What Are Thomas' Future Plans?

Thomas told the Post Bulletin that even though he got a great score the first time around, he took the test again to prove to himself that he could do it. "'Part of it was just proving to myself that I could get a 36.'" Thomas plans to attend the University of Alabama studying pre-med. And no surprise, he got a full-ride. Definitely deserving!

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