Were they filming Making a Murder in Rochester? It sure seemed like it in 2016. We got calls asking if it was true, but nope. Not Making a Murderer. We were making a video short called Making a Millionairerer, our way of trying having fun the last time a jackpot hit One Billion Dollars (as this one will soon...right now it's up to $970 million)!

The part of the video that surprises everyone is the part when you can see Cheap Charlies. EVERYONE thought we lifted audio right from the movie Fargo. Nope, that was Brent Ackerman and me. On a real phone.

So, 2 years later, and a lot has changed. We became the NEW Y-105FM, Rochester Best Variety. We saw some great prizes go out the door (a new Subaru! from Rochester Subaru, a trip to see Adelle in concert, and more), we found Jessica Williams and she's become part of the family, and Troy Dunken joined the station.

Good stuff. Let's change one thing this time around, tho. Let's win that Billion Dollars, ok?

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