They say you should let sleeping dogs lie. What about chickens? I helped take care of my partner's chickens when I lived in Idaho and you know what? I miss 'em. So I watch chicken videos. A lot of chicken videos. That's how I found this one, where Chicken Dad found one of his children napping.

I never caught chickens sleeping, but I wanted to. They occasionally roost on top of the chicken run, and then it gets covered with chicken poop. Which is disgusting, but, at the same time, amazing. I'd fall off in a second.

One time, Danielle and I took her chickens over to a friend's house. A big windstorm dropped a ton of apricots on the lawn, and rather than clean 'em up, we brought over the Chicken Tractor to go to work! That's when I learned Danielle spoke chicken!

And a Vines from the same day (where I learned a little bit about how Idaho says things)...