St, Paul, MN (Learfield Wire Service) - After a quick afternoon meeting, legislative leaders and Governor Mark Dayton say they’ll meet again one week from Wednesday to try to move forward on the tax cut bill that Dayton “pocket-vetoed”, plus a bonding package that failed in the closing seconds of the legislative session.

Republicans say the governor broke his word, but Speaker Kurt Daudt also noted, “I like the governor. I may not agree with him on all of these issues, but we’ve had a good relationship, so my default position is I’m gonna work with him and I’m gonna try to trust him — but I think we have to work at that.”

The governor says he’ll call the legislature back for a special session only if Republicans meet his list of requirements for bonding projects and other programs. Daudt responded that Dayton will have to commit to real compromise. Republican leaders say before their next meeting with the governor they want to have a working group meeting and a hearing on the bonding bill.

Governor Dayton has scheduled visits to Rochester and Mankato on Wednesday to discuss the need for a special session. He is scheduled to hold a news conference at Rochester Community and Technical College Wednesday afternoon.