Back in 2018, Lil Cazed's latest single was Fly Together, a song written at a turbulent time, not much different than today. We've had a lot of requests to bring this story back.

Lil Crazed told 106.9 KROC, "My intent with this song is not to simply have the audience hear it, but to also feel it. So after months of going back and forth with different ideas that would help depict my visual, we finally settled on the video you see now."

Like so many others, Leanne called and said, "I think we need to hear this message right now." So, click play and follow along. Do the lyrics speak to you?


I woke up this morning and turned on the television. Hoped to see the good in the world, you know, a better vision. Like for instance, see the homeless being fed some dishes, and random acts of kindness getting views instead of killings, and the children being taught how to get it, and that your potential is solely paved by your decisions. Instead, we witness the rubbles of burning buildings.

Burning billions from all the troubles done from burning bridges. Imagine what would happen if our actions were reversed, and our presence towards our adolescents actually came first. See, it’s adding to the bad that eventually gets worse. Pay attention to the lessons we preach and that we rehearse. Alert, it’s something we need to be more. Love is a perk, it’s something we need to see more. Lend out your hands, there’s so much that we can reach for. United we stand, fly like eagles. Fly together.

We all are hiding besides being a law abiding citizen residing in the cities we’ve been living in. Look at all our differences. We’re killing our civilians. Divided by the dividends and color of the skin we’re in. Murdering and burning down all of each other’s businesses. Time is of the essence, and we’re losing all the minutes and all of the minds we’ve strived to build our cities with.

Limited by the skin I’m in, I have to prove my innocence like I’m guilty by association. Being underestimated is so overrated. We need to focus on being hopeful and motivated. Keep it coming, teach these youngins how to know the basics. Let us pray, and tell them put the violence away. It’s ironic how much a moment of silence can say. Save a mother from grieving and even crying today. Now put our hands together, and together, fly away. (Lil Cazed)

What do you think?

A shout out and thanks to Scotty Matthews who originally brought this song and story to our attention on

With over 60,796,218 views on his page and counting on YouTube, Rochester's own Lil Crazed has built himself quite the fan base. For well over a decade now, he's been making music while also traveling across the nation as he shares his vibes and his message with his followers.

His most recent YouTube posting:


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