Adventures and traveling are a favorite past time of mine. It is a rather busy time for the airports, and perhaps you have some holiday travel plans. An entire plane full of passengers were given an early Christmas present this year!

I have spent a fair amount of time on planes, as I used to travel on a regular basis.   Usually, they give you pretzels, or some small treat as part of the flight, a beverage, not much of anything, especially if it is a short flight.  If you listen to people who fly regularly, you’ll often hear them say that less and less is offered to travelers as time passes.

There was a nice surprise for some people on board flight 1883 from New Orleans to Dallas just the other day.   ‘Brotha Mario’  showed up with a surprise on that flight.   The passengers, who were treated to a special announcement from Mario himself, were all given a free Wii U.   I can about imagine how surprised the passengers were.

The free Wii U  from Nintendo launched a business partnership that Southwest Airlines is offering to their customers.   There are new gaming lounges at some of the larger traffic areas in the airports so that passengers can now pass time with Super Mario 3D and other games.   Chicago (Midway) is one of the airports that is going to offer this new feature.  It was a total surprise as passengers boarded this pre selected flight, greeted by Mario, but even more surprising when the announcement was made during the flight and the holiday gifts were handed out.

To be fair to those who were not on flight 1883, there are 30 prize packs that will be given away with roundtrip tickets and a Wii U, so you can enter if you wish.


Mario has to be my favorite video game character.  Mario made his debut in 1983 with Mario Brothers.   Actually, his origins can be traced back to the game 'Donkey Kong'.   Do you remember back then, when you had to blow on your games to get them to work?


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