Chalkboards in coffee shops and restaurants. It's almost impossible to pass one without grabbing the chalk. And what's left is as much art as it is a message. I was waiting for my coffee when I started reading the board and wondering about each name. Do they know they're up there?

And more importantly, Are Selena and Luis still together, or were they ever together? Maybe it's wishful thinking. or someone trying to create drama. If they are together, and Selena wrote it as Luis watched, was he saying, "Oh, c'mon don't..." but secretly happy, his heart pounding because Selena feels the same way he does?

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The Caribou is right across from the Charlton Building, so maybe patients returning from early morning blood draws grab a coffee after fasting. Or maybe a hot cocoa to celebrate a successful and positive meeting with the doctors. Or, if you were me as a kid, a muffin because you didn't fight the phleb when they took your blood.

Names, dates, moments in time. For some, meaningful, for others, a chance to take someone's memory and make it whatever you wish.

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