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Social Media has been pretty dark this year, but there are some posts that are 100% worth looking at right now. Mayo Clinic started a new myth of the day series on  Facebook. They've been sharing and debunking COVID myths on a regular basis, with the hopes of stopping the spread... of misinformation!

COVID-19 infections are surging in many states across the U.S. Chances are you’ve heard various theories about the virus on social media or from family and friends. Starting today, we’ll bring you a COVID myth of the day and the facts from our Mayo Clinic experts to help you separate truth from fiction. Please share these posts and help set the record straight. - Mayo Clinic.

They are debunking myths like: "Only the elderly or those with underlying health conditions will get seriously ill and require hospitalization for COVID-19."

Fact: People of all ages are being hospitalized with COVID-19. (Click on Mayo's post above to read their full explanation)

Myth: "The number of COVID-19 deaths is much lower, and the disease is overblown:"

Fact: This myth stems from a CDC table that showed the majority of people who died of COVID-19 had multiple causes listed on their death certificate. The problem with this reasoning is the vast majority of these people could have lived much longer if they had not contracted COVID-19.

Myth: "We can achieve herd immunity by letting the virus spread through the population:"

Fact: It isn't yet clear if infection with the COVID-19 virus makes a person immune to future infection. If it does not create immunity, herd immunity will not work.

Myth: Spikes in COVID-19 cases are because of increased testing.

Fact: The rise in infections is not related to increased testing. Of greater concern than the number of tests performed is the increase in the percentage of positive results

Bravo, Mayo! Everyone needs to read these posts.

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