Rochester, MN (KROC-AM News) - The Mayo Clinic is celebrating the launch of its popular weekly radio program 25 years ago this month.

Mayo Clinic Radio, which is now carried the by over 100 radio stations throughout the U.S. and Canada, began as a Saturday morning weekly broadcast from the KROC-AM studio in June 1991. Healthline was the brainchild of Mayo Clinic orthopedic surgeon Doctor Tom Shives, who came up with the idea for the program while serving as a volunteer “news anchor” on KROC-AM after he underwent surgery that kept him from performing operations for a few months.

“When I designed the format, I tried to figure out what the public wanted and how we, as medical professionals, could help. I believe the public has an almost insatiable desire for medical news and information, and it’s important to provide the appropriate context and perspective, so listeners can make sense of it,” says Dr. Shives.

The show evolved over the years into Mayo Clinic Radio. The show is still hosted by Dr. Shives, along with veteran KROC announcer Tracy McCray, who interview Mayo Clinic physicians and researchers every week.

Mayo Clinic president and CEO Doctor John Noseworthy is among those who have appeared on Mayo Clinic radio programs. “Congratulations to Dr. Shives and the Mayo Clinic Radio team for their dedication to share Mayo Clinic’s knowledge with patients and families over the past 25 years,” says Dr. Noseworthy. “As we look toward the future of health care, with the advances in research and science, Mayo Clinic Radio is positioned to communicate these important breakthroughs with the world.”

Mayo Clinic Radio recently moved out of the KROC-AM studio and into a new multimedia studio located within the Mayo Clinic campus in downtown Rochester.

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