I'd like to say my brain works in a normal, everyday, ho-hum kinda way. And I'm sure when you get to the inner workings, it does. But where my brain takes me? Where Tracy's brain takes her...and where Dave's brain takes him? So so different than non-DJ's. Let's break it down.

Most people, when they buy a piece of fruit, buy the fruit, and, eat the fruit. There may be 'take the fruit home' before the eating, but that's it. If it's a banana, a penis joke may be made. A melon, a boob joke. But that's pretty standard.

When I buy fruit, it turns into a trip to accounting and an angry response from Crenshaw, a guy that seems a bit overworked, and maybe drinks too much as a way to take the edge off dealing with that jerk Hanrahan. Actually, it's probably spelled Hannrahhan because Hannrahhan is just that kind guy. The jerk.

Anyway...this isn't specific to me, it's true of Tracy and Dave, too, tho they have much better control.

ps - I really miss those sunglasses...gottem at Pearl Vision with a bunch of leftover flex money. Then somneone stole 'em. Stole


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