Friday was a sad day in Rochester.  The news came out of a pedestrian that was hit by a car on 2nd Street and our city watched, prayed, and waited with the family of Karlys (Kari) Koens.  Unfortunately, Kari wasn't able to recover from the accident but the choice was made for her life to provide help for others through organ donation.  What happened in the final moments is truly amazing.

I get emotional about stories like this because it is so hard to say goodbye to those we love.  I've been there with my own sister and words just don't describe all of the feelings that occur when that time comes for a family to gather around those that they love for those last few moments.

This story hit me on another level though as I watched the video as staff at Mayo Clinic were singing "Amazing Grace" in the halls as the family said their final goodbye.  Just a warning, you will probably want to grab a Kleenex before you watch the video below (or click here if it doesn't show up for you).

Kari's brother, Kendall, shared the video on Facebook along with these touching words, "Words can’t really describe what taking this walk was like - after we had a chance to pray, share memories, and let everyone know the one thing my sister would want everyone to know - that she is with her creator joyfully in awe of Him - we walked with her to the elevator to say goodbyes. When the doors closed, she went into the operating room to give generously all she had left."

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