In a small town just south of Grand Forks, ND, there's a teacher and social service worker named Kerri-Lynn Larimer. According to WDAZ-TV, she's been battling melanoma, and when Kerri-Lynn, her husband Dean, and their two boys left town for Rochester and the Mayo Clinic, her neighbors sprung into action.

It started with Kerri-Lynn's best friend sending a text to 20 people saying Kerri-Lynn has needed new floors at home for a long time but hasn't been able to do it because of the cancer treatments and self-care.

The friends agreed, and that was the plan. Replace the floors. But people kept showing up and pitching in and in the two weeks, according to WDAZ-TV...

...the floors were done, the bathroom was gutted, the walls were repainted, trim was added, light fixtures were replaced, a new furnace was installed, the yard was cleaned up and electricians added more outlets.

The cost? $9,000. The bill? $0.00. They're neighbors, they take care of each other.

There is a GoFundMe for the medical bills, just click HERE

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