"Give me all your money, but don't stick 'em up, you're stinky!" Is that what you say when your attempt at an armed robbery at a bar proves to be a bust because you're threatening to make the bar smell better?

Here's what happened at Steiny's Bar in Winona last July. The bartender was cashing ou the pull tab cash, people were having some beverages, and having a nice night. Until a little after midnight when two guys walked up, faces covered, one of 'em with a hand in a paper bag. No one saw a gun, but the way he was handing the bag, it seemed pretty obvious what was going on.

Things were going well for the robbers, the pull tab money boxes were in their hands, and a quick getaway woulda been perfect. Robber-wise, that is. But, according to City Pages, the great forces of nature were not #TeamRobbers

A customer got in one robber's face, the bag with the "gun" fell to the ground, and no gun came out. What did come out? An air freshener fragment.

A ruckus ensued, but I like to think everyone looked at the bag, then at the robbers, then at the air fresheners, then back at the robbers (who were looking very, "Ooops!") and THEN got into it. Robbers fled, police investigate, and using DNA and fingerprints, warrants are now out for the two alleged robbers, Jaquann Hughes, and Antonio Shorter.

Moral of the story? Never take an air freshener to a bar fight.

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