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Is This Who Miley Cyrus Is Dating?

Word on the street is Miley Cyrus is dating musician Maxx Morando. The two of them were spotted together at Miley's New Year's Eve event looking awfully cozy and close backstage. They have yet to confirm their relationship, but they have been good friends for a while. Morando is currently the drummer for a band called Liily. (via People)

Half of Americans Admit to Talking to Their Plant

Have you ever found yourself talking to inanimate objects? Don't worry — many of us do. In fact, a new survey found that over half of adults talk to things that aren't real. It turns out 44 percent of people say they talk to their plants, while 10 percent even go as far as to flat out ask if their plant is thirsty. (via Study Finds)

Gabrielle Union Says Viewers Were Deceived By 'Bring It On' Trailer

Gabrielle Union is spilling some tea about Bring It On. She recently revealed that the filmmakers intentionally tried to make it seem like she and her other Black co-stars were in the movie more than they actually were. Watch below:

Airline Passenger Caught Texting 'We Have Covid'

A video making the rounds on social media appears to show a woman who is on an airplane texting her friend to tell her that she has COVID-19. The person sitting behind the woman on the plane allegedly grabbed grab a snapshot of the text message. See below:

Bob Saget Had COVID-19 Week Before He Died: REPORT

Full House star Bob Saget, who passed away on Sunday (Jan. 9), reportedly recently had COVID-19. TMZ discovered a podcast episode the comedian was on in which he revealed he was beginning to get over the virus. Saget even apparently joked at one point that he might die from it. (via TMZ)

Pilot Pulled From Plane Seconds Before Wrecked Aircraft Gets Struck By Train

Check out this mind-blowing video of a pilot getting rescued from his wrecked airplane that had crashed on train tracks, just before the plane was struck by a moving train:

CBS to Reboot 1955 Sitcom 'The Honeymooners'

Yet another reboot is in the works! Remember the 1955 sitcom The Honeymooners? CBS is apparently working on a reboot of the iconic yet controversial series. No word yet on when it will be coming out. (via Hollywood Reporter)

Check Out the Most Famous Celebrity Home

The number one celebrity home has housed many stars and been featured on numerous TV shows. Here's the famous history behind this iconic $21.5 million mansion.

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