Take a love song and Millenialize it...super easy, super fun! By the way, this is not me knockin' Millenials. They're saddled with a lot of Baby Boomers attacking them for just being the younger generation. "In my day...we worked hard and didn't expect everyone to cater us! We didn't get participation trophies and we didn't have AIR! We breathed cotton and we LIKED it"

So let's try some...


  • Love me Tinder
  • I Will Always Love You Cafe Steam
  • Every Breath You Vape
  • Let it bae.
  • I would Uber 500 miles and Lyft 500 miles more.
  • I Can't Help Falling In Love With YouTube.
  • When I Think About You I Touch My Selfie.
  • Stand By Your Man Bun.
  • Lady in Reddit.
  • I'll Make Avacado Toast to You
  • FaceTime After Time.
  • I Dooley's Want to Miss a Thing
  • Twerkin' My Way Back To You Bae.
  • Tweet Love.
  • Scrolling In The Deep.
  • A Whole Foods World.
  • I Wanna Sext You Up
  • Jenny From The Blocked.
  • I Had The FaceTime of My Life.
  • I'll Tumblr For Ya

#MillenialLoveSongs let's hear yours!

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