Younger adults are at risk for a lot of things...besides poor taste in music...they are now at risk for Vitamin D deficiency by not eating foods like Spam, a new study suggests. And really who can blame them? Who really wants to be chowing down on canned meat when they could be enjoying fresh produce?

Almost half of the under-30s surveyed say they wouldn’t choose to eat food rich in Vitamin D, with 40% of people relying on natural sunshine as their source. The trouble is that we can only really get the required amount from sunshine between April and September, becuase during the winter months, the sun’s rays aren’t strong enough to start producing Vitamin D in the skin.

But what is Vitamin D? WebMD states that Vitamin D is a nutrient that your bones, muscles, and immune system need. Not getting enough Vitamin D can lead to bones becoming soft and muscles becoming weakened in locations where the muscle attaches to the bone. Which can can lead to bone fractures and chronic pain.

So maybe you don't want to eat SPAM, what can you supplement instead to get the right amount of Vitamin D? Some alternatives are orange juice, tofu and nut milks. Kellogg’s cereals are also being fortified with 50% of your daily Vitamin D allowance.

Personally I enjoy a can of SPAM fried up with some scrambled eggs on the weekend. PLUS my wife and I took some of our wedding photos at the classiest place of all time, the SPAM museum!

Paul Shea/TSM
Paul Shea/TSM

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