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What is a Tipsy Zombie? Glad you asked. It's one of Applebee's just-til-Halloween Cocktails...but, if I'm being honest, I don't think they've very spooky. Tasty? Probably. Frightening? Only if Jason is your waiter.  ((chh chh chh chh ahh ahh ahh ahh))

Minnesota Applebee's are doing $5 Halloween Cocktails and with the Tipsy Zombie, you get Bacardi Superior, a tough of Midori, and...a gummy brain. OK, no kidding, that's kinda cute sounding. There's also Dracula Juice...part margarita part daiguiri. Both are available at Applebee's in Minnesota 'til Halloween.

Since these drinks don't sound very scary, I wrote a memo to Appliebee's.

TO: Ms. Apple and Mr. Bees -
FROM: James Rabe
RE: Spooky Halloween Drinks.

Your Halloween drinks sound great, but I think they could be MUCH scarier. So, free of charge, some cocktail names that'll really freak out your customers.

  • The Covid-19 Bat (includes little gummy bats with sharp knives in their hands)
  • The Spooky Sponge (inlcudes actual used kitchen sponge 'rinsed out real good')
  • The Vampire Bite (each drink comes with an adorable costumed biting toddler)
  • The Halloween Karen (manager not included).

Have a great Halloween and hope to hear from you soon!


I haven't heard back.

One last thing quick...speaking of Applebee's, I think this is probably the funniest chainr restaurant Twitter joke of all time.

Want to save the $5 and make Halloween Drinks at home?

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