I can't imagine how long it took these boys from New Brighton to make these sculptures! They did a shark this year.  The shark is 16 feet tall, and was hand crafted from Austin, Conner, and Trevor Bartz. The Bartz brothers kept a video diary of their shark, it's pretty neat to see how it all came together.

They needed more snow than they could find in their own yard, so they harvested it from the neighbors. The boys are 15, 18 & 19, and say that their parents were not allowed to help. The shark is on display, with a light for people to see it at night, at 2777 16th Street NW, New Brighton, MN. The brothers told the Pioneer Press it took 95 hours to build, they plan on doing more of them too!  They are now catching national attention for their work. Excellent job Bartz brothers! Those are some ambitious teens!


Here is the video showing the progression of the walrus that they made. The boys mentioned that it did not completely melt from last year until about May.