Last year, on a very cold and rainy day, I was part of a crew on "Game Day" with Christ Community Church that went all over town to various businesses, schools and nonprofits and worked on tackling various projects that were ready for a little TLC.

My crew and family spent a good chunk of our day at Minnesota Adult & Teen Challenge in town. We got pretty dirty but also got to see an inside look at what this organization does for so many people who just need some help. The story that I heard that day from one of the men was getting help is one that I'll never forget.

I knew this was my last chance at a good life.
I started drinking and smoking marijuana as a teen. When two close friends of mine died, I turned to meth to cope with the pain, becoming an addict and a dealer. I was arrested when my house was raided by police, and I was facing five years in prison. - Brandon, Minnesota Adult & Teen Challenge

After the hard work was done, we all sat in a comfy area where there were some couches and chairs, and a young man stood in front of us. He openly shared his life story with all of us and told us about moments where drugs had taken over everything.  Work, his family ... everything was impacted negatively because of his addiction. He ended up in jail multiple times, and he knew that he desperately needed help.

The places in the Twin Cities that offered help for drug addicts were all full at the time but a spot was open for him at the Rochester location for Minnesota Adult & Teen Challenge. He was going to be hours away from family and friends that were surrounding him with support but he took the chance to change his life for the better and came to Rochester.

Next time you drive on Assissi Drive in Northwest Rochester, take a glance at the building up on the hill that is tucked in the trees. That big building and the few that are located around it are Minnesota Adult & Teen Challenge, and they have both men's and women's programs available for those who are seeking treatment for the first time or individuals who have struggled for many years.

We offer effective and affordable programs throughout Minnesota. We offer both a long-term, faith-based recovery program and short-term licensed treatment program, allowing us to effectively serve individuals with a broad spectrum of addiction issues; from those seeking treatment for the first time, to those who have been struggling with addiction for many years. - Minnesota Adult & Teen Challenge website

Be part of the story ... and the happy endings!  Save the Date for October 8th because it is the Virtual Gala for Minnesota Adult & Teen Challenge. You can get dressed up if you'd like or just sit in your comfy clothes on your couch, but you should attend. (Plus, I know COVID-19 has canceled most of your other events so you probably have the night open.) The virtual gala is being held to help raise funds so the organization can continue to help those who are struggling with addiction. The online event is free and you can find all the details, including the link for their amazing silent auction, here.

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